Sales Agent

The Electrify! Group has sales representation six continents. Sales Agents are our “Boots on the Ground”. Our team needs individuals with hefty Rolodexes, enviable networks, strong market intelligence, with influence and visibility in the geographic marketplaces where there would like to represent us. marketplace. Ideal candidates will have a “natural in” to geographies and market segments that need our offerings.

Our technologies become a lucrative opportunity in the hands of the right individual and skill-set – industry experienced, well connected, understands selling & closing large projects, takes initiative & ownership of their work, independent, self sufficient, follows instructions, etc. We cannot spend time hand holding. And all positions are strictly straight commission. Compensation paid will be a function of the overall level of involvement and contribution of the Sales Agent from the beginning of the sales cycle to the commissioning of the project. Those adding value from front to back will be paid considerably more than a finder.

Interested in representing us? Please fill out the form below as completely as possible, with information about yourself, your interests and accomplishments, and the markets you have access to.