Work With Us

Thank you for visiting the Work With Us section of our website. This page and its accompanying set of pages have been created with the intent of giving the marketplace the means to be in touch with us regarding their specific area of interest in terms of potentially working with us. That said we have defined four “interest categories” and have created an individual submittal page for each of them. For visitors whose interest is not properly conveyed by one of our four categories/pages, Manufacturers for example, simply use the Contact Us page.

Hearing from the marketplace regarding opportunities to do projects is one of the main reasons we have this (simple) website. So, if you would like to Submit a Project for consideration to Electrify! and its Business Partners, please i) follow the link below, ii) go to the Submit a Project page, and iii) fill in the Submit a Project form as thoroughly as possible.

If you would like to Work With Us as a Project Developer, or as a Sales Agent, or as Funding Source, please i) follow the link below, ii) to the appropriate Work With Us sub-category page for your interests, and iii) fill in the form on that page as thoroughly as possible.


Thank you for your interest in offering up your potential project to us. Provide us with the details of your  project, as thoroughly as possible. Have a project for us to consider? Here is the link to the Submit a Project page.


We offer Project Developers access to some of the most innovative technologies in the world. We have flexibility in terms of our ability to consider the different types of project models and scenarios our technologies lend themselves to. Want to develop projects with us? Please go to the Project Developer page.


The Electrify! Group has sales representation six continents. Sales Agents are our “Boots on the Ground”. Would you like for us to consider having you represent us? Fill out the form on the Sales Agent page, and introduce yourself.


Financing is the life blood of projects. New Funding Sources bring life to projects the marketplace wants and needs. Please go to the Funding Source page and let us know how you envision working together.