Examples: Mold Restoration & Encapsulation

(Testimonial w/ Photos)

“Greenflow Distribution was extremely helpful with a mold issue that started in the crawlspace of our brand new home, while it was under construction. Before our house had dried in, our area of north Florida got hammered with multiple storms, which brought inches upon inches of rain. This moisture, on the house in general and in the crawlspace in particular, quickly caused a serious mold problem.


We were referred to Greenflow. After speaking with them, the products we needed to address the problem were sent out that day. Once we had the products, our first step was to use the Green-Ox Renew and Green-Ox PRO cleaning solutions to clean up the mold. Wearing the proper gear, I treated the entire space myself! It wasn’t fun, but we saved a lot and prevented far more serious, health-threatening issues down the road. After the cleaned surfaces were dry, Greenflow’s Structure Guard was applied to seal all of the newly cleaned areas.

We are very pleased with the results, and I definitely recommend Greenflow!”

– Erica H.