Eco-Gen JouleBox Power Station

ECO-GEN Energy’s JouleBox Power Station

Electrify! is pleased to feature the ECO-GEN Energy JouleBox Power Station, as follows:

The JouleBox Power Station can be purchased outright or leased (and PPAs/ESAs) in the United States, Canada, and the US Territories.

In international markets, the JouleBox Power Station is used to sell electricity via 20 year Power Purchase Agreements, by interconnecting JouleBox Power Station units to build power plants with up to 50MW of output per facility.

“Half the capital cost of solar in 1% of the space!”

The JouleBox Power Station is a patented, renewable energy technology manufactured by ECO-GEN Energy of Van Nuys, CA.

The JouleBox Power Station is a utility-scale and industrial-scale renewable energy solution, summarized as follows:

Technology Attributes

  • green! (zero carbon footprint from operation)
  • low cost (half the capital cost of solar)
  • compact (small form factor / 7′ width x 5′ depth x 5′ tall / uses 1% the space of solar)
  • powerful (each individual unit produces 60 kW of baseload power)
  • runs non-stop (operates 24 x 7 x 365 / produces 525,600 kWh/yr per unit)
  • scalable (units can be combined up to 50 MW output)
  • manageable (a 40 foot cargo container comes pre-configured with 7 JouleBox Power Station units – for a total of 420 kW – arrives at your facility ready to connect – easily combines in multiples of 7 units with other 40 foot cargo containers, to generate up to 50 MW per cluster of  interconnected cargo containers)
  • powered by solar panels and the magnetic force of three 40HP pulsed magnetic 6/4 switched reluctance brushless DC motors, with six N50 neodymium magnets per motor
  • with other patented and proprietary innovations

In the non-residential renewable energy marketplace, many needs are left unmet by existing technologies, due mostly to space considerations and/or the ability to produce enough power to fully meet needs.

The JouleBox Power Station is a quantum leap in the direction of meeting many of these needs.

Please contact us for more information on ECO-GEN Energy’s revolutionary technology.