Project Development Funds

The Electrify! Group is continually raising capital for projects. Recent activity in this arena includes the establishment of multiple “Project Development Funds” for Tire Collection, Processing & Recycling Plants in the US, and Renewable Electricity Production Plants (w/ optional potable water) in the US and abroad.

There are variety of types of funds and reasons to establish one;

1) for a Manufacturer seeking to have access to a steady source of funding for projects that are developed to incorporate the Manufacturer’s own internal technology

2) for a Project Developer with access to a lot of projects, but not enough funding to put a dent in them, we can work with the Developer, and an Investor of their choosing, to create a steady stream of continuously available project funding – this negates the need for the Developer to “go out for funding” for every single project opportunity that comes up – a fund of this nature is created to reflect the number of projects accessible to the Developer (preferably exclusively), the size of the projects in a financial sense, the length of time needed to do the project, and other considerations – done properly, that stream of funds will end up closely matching the funding need

3) for a Geographic Area, or a country, or a region, if you will – examples include the Caribbean, or Australia, or Western Europe, or Southeast Asia, or Latin America – where one nation or a group of countries have a common interest in implementing solutions which address electricity, water and waste (which are Electrify!’s most common requests) – often, the countries in a region will band together and form an association related to their need for solutions and making progress on implementing them – here, Electrify! can work with the main players, and develop a Fund committed to that part of the world

Please consider the following example. Depending on how a Fund is created — in terms of the underlying technology, the Investor(s), the initial amount invested, the duration of the investment, the investment profile we settle on (i.e. the type of investment we will target with a given fund), where the projects will be developed, etc., funds can be created with outcomes the vary widely.

Your fund can result in $450MM to $550MM, and last 1 year. A 5 year fund, on the other hand, might produce $2.25B to $2.5B. And a fund started with a larger investment might result in 10 year stream of funds totaling $11.25B to $13.5B.

For perspective on what a fund can accomplish versus what one time funding cannot, a renewable energy technology funding example comes to mind. Just how many megawatts (MW) of capacity can be installed for the funding amounts above? The answer is; 128MW to 157MW for the single year of the 1 year fund, between 642MW to 714MW for in the 5 year scenario, and in the 10 year example with the larger investment and return, between 3,214MW to 3,847MW. A lot of kilowatt hours to sell on a Power Purchase Agreement.

In terms of the ways funds can be used, there are also a variety options. A common approach is in the form of debt at principal & interest. And funding can be exchanged for equity participation in a project. It is also possible to make arrangements involving both debt and equity.

Electrify! is interested in partnering with Manufacturers, Developers and Geographic Areas, to a) focus on bringing solutions to the three most common areas of global need — electricity, water & waste, and b) to explore ways to assist you in raising capital to develop projects throughout the world.

Please note that Electrify!’s Manufacturer-Partners are capable of bringing very formidable, highly scalable technologies into the equation.

We encourage your inquiries and look forward to them. You are welcome to use our Contact Us page or send an email to: “contact [at] TheElectrifyGroup [dot] com”.

Thank you.