“Sustainable” Technology

sustainable technology | sus·tain·a·ble tech·nol·o·gy | [suhs·tei·nuh·bl tek·naa·luh·jee] | noun
——noun: sustainable technology; plural noun: sustainable technologies;
——[used in a sentence] “The spokesman for the major corporation held a press
————conference in order to tout the implementation of sustainable technology.”
——1. technologies that enable more valuable use of natural resources and greatly
————reduced ecological impact
——2. technology that relies on resources that are either renewable or so abundant
————that we can treat them as such
——3. technology which enables significant savings in terms of use of amounts of
————materials and energy
——4. technology which prevents emissions, contamination and/or negative
————environmental impact
——5. technology which enables a shift from i) non-renewable resources (energy
————and material) to renewable ones, ii) non-biodegradable or persistent
————materials/chemicals to bio-degradable ones, or iii) ecosystem consuming
————extractive systems to renewing and restorative ones

Electrify! focuses on “Sustainable” technology. Here are some examples:

– custom solutions for Renewable Electricity Production (w/ optional potable water)
– custom solutions for Potable Water Production (which also include renewable electricity)
– Waste Tire Collection, Processing & Recycling Plants
– Steel Slag Processing Plants
– Oilfield (Fracking) Wastewater Treatment
– Mining Wastewater Treatment
– Municipal Sludge Treatment
– Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

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