“Renewable” Technology

renewable technology | re·new·a·ble tech·nol·o·gy | [ruh·noo·uh·bl tek·naa·luh·jee] | noun
——noun: renewable technology; plural noun: renewable technologies; noun: renewable tech
——[used in a sentence] “Worldwide investments in renewable technologies amounted
———— to more than US$286 billion in 2015.”
——1. renewable energy technologies enable us to create electricity, heat and fuel from
————renewable sources which are naturally replenished
——2. renewable technologies produce energy using natural resources such as sunlight,

————wind, tides and geothermal heat
——3. renewable energy technologies are relatively inexpensive to operate, but
————relatively expensive to install, as they have to take dispersed energy and
————concentrate it into a useful form
——4. solar, wind, hydro, wave, heat-exchange, tidal, wave and bioenergy renewable
————technologies are all powered by the sun, directly or indirectly.

Electrify! focuses on “Renewable” technology. Here are some examples:

– custom solutions for Renewable Electricity Production (w/ optional potable water)
– custom solutions for Potable Water Production (which also include renewable electricity)
– Waste Tire Collection, Processing & Recycling Plants
– Steel Slag Processing Plants
– Oilfield (Fracking) Wastewater Treatment
– Mining Wastewater Treatment
– Municipal Sludge Treatment
– Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

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