Electrify! | elec·tri·fy | [ih-lek-truh-fahy] | verb (used with object), electrified, electrifying.
——1. to charge with or subject to electricity; apply electricity to.
——2. to supply (a region, community, etc.) with electric power: The valley wasn’t
————electrified until 1936.
——3. to equip for the use of electric power, as a railroad.
——4. to excite greatly; thrill: to electrify an audience.

The Electrify! Group is a global network of Technology Manufacturers, Project Funding Sources, Project Developers, Independent Representatives & all varieties of other Industry Influencers.

The Electrify! network comes together in the marketplace, where prospects with needs are. There, we turn needs into solutions, and prospects into customers.

Electrify! focuses on the following technologies:

– Renewable Electricity Production (w/ optional potable water)
– Potable Water Production w/ Renewable Electricity
– Tire Recycling Plants
– Slag Processing Plants
– Oilfield (Fracking) Wastewater Treatment
– Mining Wastewater Treatment
– Municipal Sludge Treatment
– Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

– & other renewable, green, sustainable tech

Our efforts fall into two categories, Projects & Direct Sales:

Projects – Most of our Manufacturer’s technologies are incorporated into projects within the Government sector, Private sector, and in Public-Private Partnerships. Projects are typically Joint Ventures (JV) or Special Purpose Entities (SPE) involving Electrify!, the customer, a manufacturer, a funding source, a lead project developer, etc. Electrify! acts as a Limited Partner in all projects it originates. And our function is that of Co-Developer, and Project Development Liaison between the other parties.

Direct Sales – Some manufacturers’ technologies and business models lend themselves to making direct sales to end users. Here, we engage the global marketplace, in pursuit of the transactions our manufacturers seek.

We welcome the challenge of new projects. And we are always in search of new technologies, funding sources, project developers, and team members capable of contributing positively to our network. Please be in touch if interested.

For more information, please use our Contact Us page or send an email to: “contact [at] TheElectrifyGroup [dot] com”.

Thank you.

At The Electrify! Group, “Our technologies, projects and people Electrify! the world.”


Welcome to the The Electrify! Group website. On this site, you will find descriptions of a handful or more technologies that can be incorporated into solutions and developed as projects. Pardon us that we do not disclose more information about the Manufacturers and technologies we work with.

This is done as a precaution, to keep unscrupulous people from going behind our back in an effort to work directly with a manufacturer, so as to cut us out of a deal. Since we work on a primarily straight commission basis, this type of unethical behavior can have very negative consequences on our livelihood.

Thank you for understanding.

If we can assist you in learning more about a technology or in making contact with a manufacturer, please use our Contact Us page or send an email to: contact [at] TheElectrifyGroup [dot] com.

Sincere regards,

Matthew W. Foley

Founder & Managing Director
The Electrify! Group