About Us

Electrify! | elec·tri·fy | [ih-lek-truh-fahy] | verb (used with object), electrified, electrifying.
——1. to charge with or subject to electricity; apply electricity to.
——2. to supply (a region, community, etc.) with electric power: The valley wasn’t
————electrified until 1936.
——3. to equip for the use of electric power, as a railroad.
——4. to excite greatly; thrill: to electrify an audience.

The Electrify! Group provides solutions which address three of humanity’s greatest needs.

More electricity.
Safer drinking water.
Waste reduction.

Electrify! is a global network of Project Developers, Funding Sources, Independent Sales Representatives and other Industry Influencers.

The Electrify! network comes together in the marketplace, where opportunities are. Working with our Manufacturers, we turn their technologies into solutions that meet Customer needs.

Electrify! focuses “Green”, “Renewable”, “Sustainable” technologies, like:

– Renewable Electricity Production (w/ optional potable water)
– Potable Water Production (w/ renewable electricity)
– Waste Tire Collection, Processing & Reclamation Plants
– Oilfield (Fracking) Wastewater Treatment
– Mining Wastewater Treatment
– Steel Slag Processing Plants
– Municipal Sludge Treatment
– Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

Our projects run the gamut from large Public sector infrastructure projects to small Private sector projects where we might be building a single, small, on-site power plant.

Projects are typically Joint Ventures (JV) or Special Purpose Entities (SPE) involving the Customer, a Manufacturer, a Funding Source, a Project Developer, etc. Electrify! frequently acts as a Co-Developer and Project Development Liaison on such projects.

We welcome the challenge of new projects. And we are always in search of new technologies, funding sources, project developers, and team members capable of being our “boots on the ground” domestically and internationally, and contributing positively to our network.

For more information, please use our Contact Us page or send an email to: “contact [at] TheElectrifyGroup [dot] com”.

Those interested in working with us are encouraged to visit the Work With Us section of our website to submit their information, based on their area of interest.

Thank you.

At The Electrify! Group, “Our technologies, projects and people Electrify! the world.”


Welcome to the The Electrify! Group website.

On this site, you will find mention of a handful or more technology applications and categories (see above) that can be engineered and designed into solutions, and then developed as projects.

If we can assist you in:

– learning more about a technology,
– making contact with a manufacturer,
– working with us as a funding source, or
– discussing a potential project opportunity with us,

…please use our Contact Us page or our Work With Us page, or send an email to: contact [at] TheElectrifyGroup [dot] com.

Sincere regards,

Matthew W. Foley

Founder & Managing Director
The Electrify! Group